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Go Out and Smell Your Best

The desire to look and smell good is an inborn need of boys and girls alike.With the richness and variety of perfumes present in the market, it has become easy for the people to buy colognes and scents of their choice. Perfumes generate a feeling of confidence and help one reach his/ her goals with an added enigma. When one feels smart within, it becomes easier to convince others about one’s goals and ambitions. Also, a magnificently smelling person is an instant attraction for people all around himself. To be able to make a difference in today’s hectic pace of life and to be able to establish oneself, feeling good within is so far the most preferential need.

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Women are known for their inadvertent styling and use of perfumes. The inevitable desire to attract men instantly draws them towards all types of aromatic substances. Many a women have switched to variable fragrances as per the suggestions of their men. Anyone would desire a person who instantly draws one closer because of the smell of the fragrance applied. At the same time, men also want them to be liked by people all around. It is important for one also to maintain clean hygiene for one to be feeling fresh all day long.

There are several types of perfumes available in the market. One must choose the fragrance according to the event, place and people.

Citrus : These perfumes are made of citrus fruits and enliven one’s spirit to venture out in the daylight. These scents are used when going for a birthday bash or to meet one’s girlfriend. The smell of fresh fruits brings forth a bright day and make you feel lively all along.
Floral : Floral perfumes are perfectly romantic and girly perfumes that are specially prepared to be used for special occasions. Girls love sprinkling these all over when going out for a perfect dinner date or late night party with their husbands.
Fruity : These perfumes are also made of fruits like apple, peach, berry, mango and so on. They a: fused with Floral to render perfect aroma for a dinner date. One must only remember to use this sparingly.
Green : These are made of fresh leaves and newly mown grass. They can be worn when going out to cheer for your favorite football team or just for another hot date. These add a feeling of richness and increment that sense of euphoria as well as ecstasy.
Oceanic : These are modern day inventions to add fresh fragrances of oceanic breeze or mountain air. Synthesized from chemicals, these must be used less, but are good to be applied when going for interviews just to pass on that kind of “ I feel fresh and confident”.
Oriental : When imagining another combination with your sexy one-piece gown and stilettos, wear this fragrance to bring all the attention of the gathering to yourself. Be it a perfect date, or another romantic candle light dinner with your spouse, these perfumes are the best invented for female body scents.

We as humans always make that one more compulsive effort to bring best from our sides to win over our sweethearts. The complete makeup, the beautiful dress are all somewhere incomplete without the use of one perfect perfume. The overuse of these additives is also blasphemous. They are known to cause cancerous disease. Hence one must be careful of the quality as well as the quantity while using one’s favorite aroma. This is not the only way to impress others, but surely one of the easiest and the sexiest ways to win over people around you.


Six Easy Steps to Apply a Makeup

Wearing a makeup has become a common thing in the current societal upbringing. Gone are those days when makeup was only associated with events or functions. Nowadays a light makeup can be applied even when you are going out, of office or even at home. Everyone wants to look good and have a style statement of their own. However, if you are a newcomer to the world of cosmetics then applying proper makeup can be an arduous task. You may find yourself at different ends of loss with a whole diversity of styles available. This makes it difficult for a person to choose best beauty deals online so as to have an adequate set of products at their disposal.

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  • It has been said time and again that the first step towards applying a fresh makeup is to remove any old makeup. It is highly vital to start with a clean slate as applying makeup is often considered to be a form of art. If you apply extra makeup over an old one, then your face might look caked and unnatural. This is the reason why it is always said to remove all makeup before going to bed as it can cause blemishes and wrinkles on your skin.
  • After washing your skin clean you should apply a concealer to even out any uneven tone on your skin. This would remove any red patchy areas on the skin along with acne and dark spots.
  • A foundation is a must for every makeup and can form an even coating. There is a range of foundations like liquid, cream or powder. Keep in mind that your foundation should be the same color as your natural skin tone, not much darker or lighter. After you have applied the foundation, your face would look colorless and flat which is why it is advised to apply a highlighter to make your face more bright and alive.
  • The final step that involves preparing your face is applying a blush over your cheeks. Every cheek needs a bit of a color that adds a bit of glow to your skin. It is vital that you apply the blush with a large brush so that it does not get too heavy and has a   uniformity over the skin. The emphasis should be laid on the round part that form when smile.
  • You can also apply a patch of lipstick, or lip gloss in accordance to your requirements.
  • Although most people would think that it is the end of the facial makeup, a lot of them forget about the eyes that form a part of the face. For those who have thin or sparse eyebrows need some outlining with short strokes that can mimic the look of the hair and look natural.

It is necessary to understand that you should make your makeup look natural so you don’t look like your trying to put yourself out there. You need to take time out to experiment. Makeup as already discussed is a form of art of painting faces.

How to Distinguish Different Perfumes

Perfumes have most definitely become too essence of every person’s daily life. This is the reason why it has become highly imperative to have a signature smell that can gel well with your identity. But the fact of the matter is that perfume have the tendency to come in a range of brands as well as categories. There is a diversity of breakdown on the differences between eau de toilette, eau de parfum, cologne, etc. Moreover, other factors also fall into the place like essential oils as well as alcohol content. This is the reason why sometimes it becomes a tenous task for the consumers to find the perfect scent for them.

Following is a definitive guide that gives vital insights to the various aggregators of perfume selection. Having an idea about these would definitely help you in buy perfumes online.

Essential oils: It is a known fact that the main ingredient of any scents is the essential oils. These oils come from natural sources and are responsible for the scent of perfumes. More the concentration of these oils better and long lasting is the scent of the perfume. These essential oils are diffused via plant tissues in the petals of a flower. After undergoing the process of distillation, the essentials oils are then extracted and synthesized from petroleum as well as other sources.

Buy Perfumes Online Perfumer’s alcohol: After essential oils this is the most vital ingredient in a perfume. another word for perfume’s alcohol in technical terms is ethanol, which is an important diluent. The basic aim of this ethanol is to act as a carrier of the scent. more concentration of this alcohol is directly proportional to the price of th3e perfume. This is the reason why expensive perfumes tend to have a long lasting effect and do not evaporate easily. There are different type of perfumery, expensive ones made from grape wines and cheaper alternatives made from fermented grains of rice, wheat, and sorghum. in order to prolong the persistence of the perfume on the skin, manufacturers often add Water and glycerine to perfumer’s alcohol.

In addition to these above mentioned criteria which are needed to be taken into account, the overall categorization of fragrances also become a vital aggregator. There are a range of scents depending upon the concentration and usage:

Parfum: This is the highest concentration of perfume, which also makes it the most expensive types of fragrances. In an average parfum the overall concentration of essential oils go up to 22-30. It also contains a high grade alcohol and slight amount of water.

Eau de Parfum: As we go lower on the concentration level the second category of fragrance comes into existence which is known as Eau de parfum. The basic composition of essential oils in this fragrance is to the tune of 15-18 percent. Moreover it also has a slightly weaker composition of alcohol and water.

Eau de Toilette: In technical terms this is also known as toilet water and has a much thinner dilutions of essential oils as well as alcohol. The main aim of this perfume is for daily use and due to lower concentration it does not last longer. The overall concentration of essential oils in eau de toilette is 4-8 percent.

Eau de Cologne: Cologne has always been associated with perfumes for men and includes deodorants and aftershave. Overall the longevity of a cologne is just 4-5 hours after which it loses its scent. this is due to the fact that it has lower concentration of essential oils and weaker alcohol and water mixture. the concentration comes at 3-5 percent making it ideal for regular use and giving it a pleasant scent.

Eau Fraiche: Although Eau de cologne is triggered as the lowest concentration of fragrance, many believe Eau Fraiche also falls in the same category. It is just a cologne or splash with a purer alcohol. This gives it a tinge of scent, which is not long lasting.
Fragrances are priced according to their essential oil and alcohol content. The higher concentration of essential oils, the more expensive the perfume will be. The percentages given above are only a guide and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Why do many people perservate when buying cosmetics online

The internet boom coming to the mainstream and eCommerce taking a new shape, consumer are getting more engaged in doing shopping online. From clothes to merchandise and even electronic, online shopping has seen a steep rise over the years. The biggest concern among the mind of users was the security aspect as they were aloof of the transaction which they considered not to be safe.

But as e Commerce has taken a secure shape and overall viability of home delivery of products has become a reality, it is far easy to buy any merchandise online in the ease of your house than going out and spending time. The only difference between online shopping and traditional shopping is the fact that that you can avoid crowd and browse through the catalog at your own home. The only downside is that sometimes the product does not seem to the the exact same replica which you order from the online portal. But the same is not true in the case of buying cosmetics online.

buying cosmetics onlineThese are the products that come warranted to be the exact replica of the thing shown in the online catalog. But again we are accustomed to buying a perfume first by smelling the scent of it. This is where the perception comes into action. The first buy can always be cumbersome which is why it is always said to do adequate research first. One should do their homework and check various customer review before buying any product online. On the other hand if you have used a perfume before, then it gets really easy for you to buy it as it does not change from batch to batch. There are a range of online review sites that would give real user review for the product. Their experience with the fragrance or the cosmetic would help you make a decision on which product to go for.

It has been said time and again that we should pay attention to the description of the product, whether buying it online or at a retail store. most of us just go for the scent of the perfume and do not pay much attention on the ingredients or the concentration of the fragrance. these two are the most vital aspects that one should keep in mind while buy a fragrance. most of the online perfume stores give ample description of the product on their websites. What is more interesting is the fact that these instruction are not manipulated and are real. moreover they are include the feelings or emotions the scent is associated with. this can give you a general idea and an understanding of whether or not that scent would match your personality or not.

Overall whether you buy a cosmetic or perfume at a retail shop or at an online store, it is your preference and judgement regarding the product that matters the most. most of the user don’t switch their products and continue with the same brand over a period of time. they only change their brand if a better product comes to the market or their current product does not give them required benefits. This is why buying cosmetics online is always considered to be an easy and divine way.


How to Keep Your Skin in Top Shape

The most discussed question across different forums and dermatologist chamber is the way to keep your skin in healthy and glowing manner. often it has been discussed that there are different types of skin which calls for different procedures. After you have determined your skin type, it become easy for you to take care of the skin.

Skin care also depends upon age, which is why it is always advised to take a professional doctors consent before embarking on any skin care procedure.

There are a range of skin care products in the market which do offer some respite from the excessive heat and pollution, but in the end some natural procedures also come in handy.

  • It is often said that lack of sleep affects your daily functions. It most predominantly affects your skin and is visible on your face. This is the reason why it is always advised to have a sound sleep before a big occasion so as to look refreshing.
  • On sunny days it is advised to wear a sunscreen or keep your skin away from sunlight. But one thing that most of the people fail to understand that the area around our eyes takes the most blunt. In order to counter that one should always wear sunglasses with  UV protection while venturing out in broad daylight.
  • Stressing too much often leads to furrowed brows  which can then result in permanent lines etched on to your forehead. Over time this car form wrinkles over your skin. this is the reason why yoga is often said to be one of the cures to have a glowing skin as it reduces stress.
  • If you commute a lot in the car then studies have should that drivers need to put a UVA/UVB protector screen on the driver’s side of their car window. The reason behind this is that lines develop more on the left of the face on people who spend a lot of time commuting in a car.
  • A good moisturizer a day helps in preventing skin dryness over a long period of time. Although an oily skin often tends to attract dust and pollutants, having a dry skin can make it look lifeless and full of wrinkles.

Although most of these steps does not require any particular care, still they can hold the key to have a glowing skin. While summers can pose a daunting task as far as skin care is concerned, winters bring with them a similar challenge. Winters can sometimes feel damp and there is usually less moisture in the air, which tends to put a havoc on the dry skin. As the skin becomes drier, the top surface often tends to stop producing the natural lipids that prevent moisture loss. This cannot be retained easily which end up the skin lifeless and wrinkle prone. The wind adds to the damage, which is why winters need extra care.

Whether it is summers or winters one does need to take proper care as far as skin is concerned. Although there are a range of discount beauty products available that can help you take care of your skin in any season,, taking above mentioned precautions can help in rejuvenating the overall skin.